Spirituality and religion

Change and self-development


How to thrive after leaving your religion

It can be distressing, but liberating too. Use these tips from clinical practice and personal experience to emerge stronger

by Micah Rees

Black and white photo of three children standing outdoors under a cloudy sky. The boy on the left wears a flat cap and checked shirt with trousers, while the two girls on the right wear patterned headscarves and dresses, smiling and looking into the distance.

Values and beliefs


For Hutterites, ‘love thy neighbour’ is both gospel and practical necessity

Directed by Colin Low

A stylised figure drawn in glowing red lines stands on a cliff reaching towards a dark sky full of stars above a calm sea. The scene has a mystical atmosphere.

Symbols and myth


A Navajo creation story illustrates why humans must forge their own path

Directed by Dallin Penman

A group of people in traditional attire with gold embroidery, holding flowers and smiling while singing.



Six minutes with a pan-African gospel choir is a shot of joy for the weary soul

Directed by Samuel Bradley