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How to live with chronic illness | Psyche

The body and physical health


How to live with chronic illness

Whatever your own experience of long-haul sickness, a shift in perspective could help you enjoy a full and happier life

by Jennifer Crystal

How to thrive after leaving your religion | Psyche

Change and self-development


How to thrive after leaving your religion

It can be distressing, but liberating too. Use these tips from clinical practice and personal experience to emerge stronger

by Micah Rees

How to choose a mental health app | Psyche

Emerging therapies


How to choose a mental health app

Of the thousands of apps, many are poor quality – but there are a few gems you can trust. Follow these steps to find them

by Margaret Emerson & John Torous

How to empower a teen with ADHD | Psyche

Learning difficulties


How to empower a teen with ADHD

As they go through the most challenging period of their life, there are ways you can help them not just cope but thrive

by Margaret Sibley

How to sleep well again | Psyche

Sleep problems


How to sleep well again

Insomnia is awful, but highly treatable. Look beyond pills and potions, and use these effective methods to get your life back

by Chris James

How to set yourself free with ritual | Psyche

Rituals and celebrations


How to set yourself free with ritual

For a life of harmonious ease, find the rhythm in the everyday: make your world your temple and submit to its sacred ritual

by Alan Jay Levinovitz

How to use food to help your mood | Psyche

Mental health


How to use food to help your mood

Depression and low mood are not separate from the rest of your bodily health: the right diet can help reduce your risk

by Kimberley Wilson

How to talk about your mental illness | Psyche

Stigma and taboo


How to talk about your mental illness

Careful disclosure can be highly rewarding. Use tips from the Honest, Open, Proud programme to share your story

by Carla Kundert & Patrick W Corrigan

How to revive your sense of wonder | Psyche

Wonder and the sublime


How to revive your sense of wonder

That childhood urge to ask ‘how’ and ‘why’ usually fades. But we can all learn to rediscover the joys of wide-eyed discovery

by Frank Keil

How to think about free will | Psyche

Freedom and choice


How to think about free will

You can’t escape cause and effect, but there is a way of viewing human agency that is motivating, plausible and humane

by Julian Baggini