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How to overcome the loneliness of youth | Psyche

Loneliness and solitude


How to overcome the loneliness of youth

It’s extremely common to feel lonely when you’re young. Many strategies can help, the key is finding what works for you

by Lily Verity & Pamela Qualter

How to curate (just about) anything | Psyche

Beauty and aesthetics


How to curate (just about) anything

Sure, tidying up is a start. But it won’t get you to the kind of lived-in, personalised space that defines an ideal of home

by Glenn Adamson

How to stop procrastinating | Psyche

Habits and routines


How to stop procrastinating

Do you keep putting things off when you know you shouldn’t? Get going by understanding the psychology of irrational delay

by Wendelien van Eerde

How to ease the pain of heartache | Psyche

Emotion regulation


How to ease the pain of heartache

You’re experiencing a profound form of grief that can make you physically ill. These steps will give you a chance to heal

by Ziella Bryars

How to cope when life seems unreal | Psyche



How to cope when life seems unreal

If you feel detached from the world, you might be going through depersonalisation. Be reassured, there are ways to recover

by Shaun O Connor

How to love your body | Psyche

The body and physical health


How to love your body

Are you unhappy with what you see in the mirror? Getting comfortable in your own skin can be hard work, but it’s worth it

by Charlotte H Markey

How to gain more from your reading | Psyche

Stories and literature


How to gain more from your reading

There’s more to words than meets the eye. Deepen your appreciation of literature through the art of slow, attentive reading

by Robert DiYanni

How to breathe | Psyche

The body and physical health


How to breathe

Whether your aim is improved health, mental calm or achieving transcendence, breathing techniques can help you get there

by Martin Petrus

How to enjoy being single | Psyche

Love and relationships


How to enjoy being single

‘Happily ever after’ is a romantic myth. Defy society’s singlism and discover ways to embrace a joyful, independent life

by David Robson

How to think about pleasure | Psyche

Virtues and vices


How to think about pleasure

Weirdly hard to define, much less to feel OK about it, pleasure is a tricky creature. Can philosophy help us lighten up?

by Sam Dresser