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How to think about weird things | Psyche

Thinking and intelligence


How to think about weird things

From discs in the sky to faces in toast, learn to weigh evidence sceptically without becoming a closed-minded naysayer

by Stephen Law

How to maintain a healthy brain | Psyche

Mind and brain


How to maintain a healthy brain

Adopt these lifestyle changes and you will not only sharpen your mind today but also reduce your risk of dementia later on

by Kailas Roberts

How Chinese philosophy can help you parent | Psyche

Parenting and families


How Chinese philosophy can help you parent

Confucianism and Daoism suggest ways to guide your children toward meaning and fulfilment rather than wealth and prestige

by Erin Cline

How to support someone who is self-harming | Psyche

Self-harm and suicide


How to support someone who is self-harming

A person harming themselves is not attention-seeking but attention-needing. Reach in and show them you’re listening

by Rory O’Connor & Ellen Townsend

How to cope with an existential crisis | Psyche

Meaning and the good life


How to cope with an existential crisis

Has the world gone grey? Are you wondering what life is for? Kierkegaard’s philosophy could help you rediscover your zing

by Skye C Cleary

How to stop yelling at your kids | Psyche

Parenting and families


How to stop yelling at your kids

You can’t control your child’s emotions, but by questioning your assumptions and expectations you can become a calmer parent

by Bonnie Harris

How to be a man | Psyche



How to be a man

Old ideas of manliness make us miserable. Being labelled ‘toxic’ doesn’t help. A reimagined masculinity is the way forward

by Andrew Reiner

How to be anxious | Psyche

Thinkers and theories


How to be anxious

Anxiety might be uncomfortable, but with a philosophical approach you’ll find it can awaken a thrilling sense of freedom

by David Egan

How to come out of your shell | Psyche



How to come out of your shell

You don’t have to be outgoing. But if being introverted is holding you back from the life you want, dive in for a way out

by Christian Jarrett

How to study effectively | Psyche

Learning and education


How to study effectively

Forget cramming, ditch the highlighter, and stop passively rereading. The psychology of learning offers better tactics

by Paul Penn