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How to channel boredom | Psyche

Goals and motivation


How to channel boredom

Feeling bored? Learn how to use that discomfort to switch up a gear and regain control over your life and your interests

by James Danckert & John Eastwood

How to use social media if you have social anxiety | Psyche



How to use social media if you have social anxiety

If anxiety derails your attempts to share and connect with others online, there are steps you can take to stay in the loop

by Emma Warnock-Parkes

How to let go of a lifelong dream | Psyche

Goals and motivation


How to let go of a lifelong dream

Adaptability is as much of a virtue as grit. Overcome any feelings of loss or failure by pivoting toward a new passion

by Christian Jarrett

How to plan a research project | Psyche

Learning and education


How to plan a research project

Whether for a paper or a thesis, define your question, review the work of others – and leave yourself open to discovery

by Brooke Harrington

How to talk to a suicidal friend | Psyche

Self-harm and suicide


How to talk to a suicidal friend

Twice as many people worldwide die from suicide as from homicide. Here’s how to help your loved ones back from the brink

by Lindsay Weisner

How to be resilient | Psyche

Emotion regulation


How to be resilient

Life is unpredictable. Brace yourself with a suite of coping mechanisms, internal and external, then deploy them flexibly

by Selda Koydemir

How to have a difficult conversation | Psyche

Conflict and conflict resolution


How to have a difficult conversation

Avoidance will only foster more conflict. Aim for a shared understanding with these techniques from an expert mediator

by Adar Cohen

How to get over ‘never good enough’ | Psyche

Difficult emotions


How to get over ‘never good enough’

Learn to spot unhealthy perfectionism, understand its emotional sources and find a way to silence that self-critical voice

by Margaret Rutherford

How to know who’s trustworthy | Psyche

Knowledge and reason


How to know who’s trustworthy

Knotty problems call for sound advice. Use philosophy to find the intellectually dependable amid the frauds and egotists

by T Ryan Byerly

How to heal through life writing | Psyche



How to heal through life writing

Learning to write about trauma helps you to process the painful experience, and gives you the life skills to overcome it

by Uddipana Goswami