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How to talk to your children about sex | Psyche

Parenting and families


How to talk to your children about sex

It’s not about one embarrassing ‘big talk’. Prepare and protect them by applying these basic principles early and often

by Eva Goldfarb

How to overcome social anxiety | Psyche

Social anxiety


How to overcome social anxiety

When even everyday social situations make you feel self-conscious and afraid, it’s time to try these well-tested techniques

by Fallon Goodman

How to feel less lonely as you get older | Psyche



How to feel less lonely as you get older

Work and family life are no longer so busy and life can suddenly seem empty. Here are some good ways to stay connected

by Carrie Ditzel

How to wander | Psyche

Pleasures and pastimes


How to wander

Whether in a city or the wilderness, near or far, there’s joy to be had in a journey where the destination doesn’t matter

by Jordan Fisher Smith

How to be a hands-on citizen | Psyche

Civic life


How to be a hands-on citizen

You can be so much more than a well-informed consumer: it is in your (and our) power to change society from the ground up

by Jon Alexander

How to handle paranoid thoughts | Psyche

Fear and phobia


How to handle paranoid thoughts

Feel like you’re being watched, judged or talked about? These exercises will help you assess the situation and calm your mind

by Antonella Trotta

How to forgive yourself | Psyche

Shame and guilt


How to forgive yourself

Finding it hard to move past a hurtful mistake? With these steps toward repair and renewal, you can do and feel better

by Nathaniel Wade & Marilyn Cornish

How to live like an Epicurean | Psyche

Meaning and the good life


How to live like an Epicurean

Forget shallow hedonism. Follow this philosophy for wondrous, unexpected joys and resilience against inevitable misfortune

by Emily Austin

How to be a better loser | Psyche

Sports and games


How to be a better loser

As a competitor, you can’t avoid the hurt of losing. But you can learn ways to bounce back stronger and more motivated

by Blakely Low-Scott

How to save a romantic relationship | Psyche

Couples and family therapy


How to save a romantic relationship

Even couples on the brink of separation can find a way forward. See what’s possible with some ‘nonbinding experiments’

by Peter Fraenkel