A person cooks mushrooms in a pan on a stove with pasta in a colander and various ingredients spread on the kitchen counter.

Eating disorders


Learning to cook taught me that self-care isn’t selfish

In healing my relationship with food and cooking, I saw how caring for myself was the first step toward caring for others

by Céline Leboeuf

A painting of an older man with a beard smiling at a young woman with braided hair in a red dress, their heads close together.

Money and economics


How your attitudes to money could be affecting your relationship

Do you see money as a way to gain freedom or status? If your partner takes a different view, there could be consequences

by Johanna Peetz

A large flock of birds fills the sky at dusk over a car park, where people with binoculars observe them from beside their vehicles.



A makeshift community of people and migratory birds converge on a strip mall

Directed by Henry Davis

Two people sit at a table with coffee cups, near a window overlooking a rainy scene with parked cars and trees in the background.

Worry and rumination


Rehashing your problems with friends can turn into a bad habit

Although ‘co-rumination’ bolsters relationships in some ways, it also distracts from other, better coping methods

by Shayla Love

A family of four smiling and sitting in a red convertible car parked outside a house with green lawn.



In more prosperous societies, are men and women more similar?

How much the sexes differ psychologically depends on how fair and wealthy a country is. But not in the way you’d think

by Kåre Hedebrant & Agneta Herlitz

A double exposure image of a person using a smartphone overlaid with a bustling city street scene with cars and tall buildings.

Technology and media


What I learned from sharing my private self with an AI journal

‘Quantified self’ apps analyse our physical and behavioural data. Now, AI journals want to access our emotional lives too

by Angela Chen

Abstract drawing of a woman holding a baby, featuring exaggerated body proportions and yellow accents on a white background.

Parenting and families


‘Suddenly you are here’ – a breathless, hilarious ode to new motherhood

Directed by Henriette Rietz

Several climbers trek across a snow-covered mountain ridge, enshrouded in mist, with rocky outcrops visible to the left. The path they follow is narrow and steep, demonstrating the challenging conditions of high-altitude mountaineering.



How a ‘dominance’ mindset encourages leaders to put others at risk

To find ways to deter this recklessness, we’ve studied the mindset of financiers and others who take ‘moral hazard’ decisions

by Hemant Kakkar & Garrett L Brady

A display of various hats, including a red floral hat, a black hat with a coloured brim, a blue hat, and a beige lacy hat, shown on stand in a shop window. A blurred street with a bicycle is visible outside.



You have multiple ‘social identities’ – here’s how to manage them

As social beings, our identities are bound up with different groups – here’s how to juggle all the various hats you wear

by Anna K Zinn

Person sitting on an outdoor bench with a large map obscuring their face. They wear colourful, patterned trousers and hold a striped bag. Sunlight and shadows cover the ground. Three people walk past a white building with multiple windows in the background.

Thinking and intelligence


A love for thinking brings benefits way beyond school and work

Having a passion for mental effort – a trait that’s distinct from being intelligent – has some wide-ranging upsides

by Josephine Zerna

Shattered glass fragments scattered on a grey surface with a blurred background. Some pieces are mid-air, capturing the moment of a glass object crashing and breaking. The image portrays motion and impact.



Grief is not a process with five stages. It is shattered glass

The five stages describe a grief that’s knowable and controlled. An accident in my kitchen helped me find a truer metaphor

by Joshua Thomas

Puppets with monkey faces in office attire, performing a synchronised dance in a cubicle-filled office setting, with computers and office supplies visible.



Humanoid animals sing through their existential angst in this madcap short

Directed by Niki Lindroth Von Bahr