Brigid Hains

Editorial Director and Co-Founder, Aeon+Psyche

Deeply interested in the nexus between the human and natural worlds, Brigid was trained as an environmental historian, has taught history and philosophy of science, and studied human ecology and anthropology. Never entirely at home in the academic world, she finds the wide-ranging interests of Aeon+Psyche a profoundly satisfying outlet for her sense of curiosity. In addition to supporting Paul’s overall direction of Aeon+Psyche, Brigid directs the editorial team to ensure that the vision of the magazines is manifest in our publishing programme. She works closely with our commissioning editors, photo editor, video programmers and production team, with the aspiration that our offerings are humane, diverse, thoroughly researched and brought to aesthetically pleasing life every week in both magazines. Outside of her work at Aeon+Psyche, Brigid is a member of the Melbourne Humanities Foundation, the Human Ecology Research Group at University College London, and the British Museum Friends Advisory Council, as well as a committed supporter of Indigenous education in Melbourne. You can find Brigid on Twitter @brigidhains.