Meaning and the good life

How to live like an Epicurean | Psyche

Meaning and the good life


How to live like an Epicurean

Forget shallow hedonism. Follow this philosophy for wondrous, unexpected joys and resilience against inevitable misfortune

by Emily Austin

Nyctophobia | Psyche

Dissociation and detachment


Using his body as a canvas, Jean-François recalls getting lost in unreality

9 mins

How to craft a harmonious life | Psyche

Work and vocation


How to craft a harmonious life

Forget the ideal of work/life balance – your needs and interests are much richer than that, and your life can be too

by Jessica de Bloom & Merly Kosenkranius

World of tomorrow | Psyche

Progress and the future


Stick figures meet existential angst in this acclaimed, darkly comedic short

17 mins

How to be a happy nihilist | Psyche

Meaning and the good life


How to be a happy nihilist

Exhausted by the modern pressure to squeeze meaning out of every moment? Here’s a radical way to reset your priorities

by Wendy Syfret

The spiritual exercises | Psyche

Spirituality and religion


What happens when two people on life’s spiritual path find each other?

18 mins