Meaning and the good life

A clear glass, half-filled with water, placed on a wooden surface. The background is a plain, soft beige. The image has a warm, sepia tone.

Meaning and the good life


How to appreciate what you have

To better face an imperfect world, try a deeper reflection on the things, people and legacies that make your life possible

by Avram Alpert

A rake with a wooden handle rakes through sand dunes, its trail mixing with shadows from a line of multicoloured flags.

Meaning and the good life


An artist captures the joys of solitude amid a month living in a beach shack

Directed by Lynne Sachs

Painting of an elderly man with a white beard, shirtless, looking upwards with a dark, textured background.

Thinkers and theories


How to live like a Cynic

Take inspiration from Diogenes, the philosopher in a barrel, and transform your negativity into a liberating force for good

by Ansgar Allen

Silhouette of a person surrounded by a burst of white, glowing particles against a dark background.

Dissociation and detachment


Using his body as a canvas, Jean-François recalls getting lost in unreality

Directed by Jean-François Boisvenue

Painting of a person in a black hat and white collar, adorned with a gold chain necklace and pendant, against a green background.

Meaning and the good life


How to get your mojo back

You’re not depressed but you’re not happy – you’re languishing. Give yourself a boost with these evidence-backed strategies

by Frank Martela

Progress and the future


Stick figures meet existential angst in this acclaimed, darkly comedic short

Directed by Don Hertzfeldt