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A club for ‘dull men’ may just inspire you to see the unremarkable anew

Whether you’re crazy for roundabouts, addicted to photographing mailboxes, have the world’s largest collection of British milk bottles, or you’re a dull man with pretty much any sort of hobby that induces bafflement and yawns in friends and acquaintances, there’s a club just for you. A drolly cheerful celebration of the very ordinary, Born to Be Mild explores the uncommon hobbies practised by the members of the Dull Men’s Club – an online community that connects ‘dull men, and women who appreciate dull men’. A film-festival favourite upon its release in 2015, the UK director Andy Oxley’s now-beloved short documentary has, for nearly a decade, been introducing viewers to the mildly profound virtue of being ‘dull, not boring’. And while certainly played for droll laughs, the film may just inspire you to appreciate the mundane, familiar and otherwise unremarkable anew.

Director: Andy Oxley

Editor: Joshua Gaunt