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How to stop overthinking | Psyche

Worry and rumination


How to stop overthinking

Grappling with your thoughts will leave you even more entangled in worry. Use metacognitive strategies to break free

by Pia Callesen

How to study effectively | Psyche

Learning and education


How to study effectively

Forget cramming, ditch the highlighter, and stop passively rereading. The psychology of learning offers better tactics

by Paul Penn

How to rest well | Psyche

Pleasures and pastimes


How to rest well

Taking a break isn’t lazy – learning to recharge is a skill that will allow you to enjoy a more creative, sustainable life

by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

How to think clearly | Psyche

Thinking and intelligence


How to think clearly

By learning to question and clarify your thoughts, you’ll improve your self-knowledge and become a better communicator

by Tom Chatfield

How to support a struggling friend | Psyche



How to support a struggling friend

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say or do. Use these five strategies for providing effective emotional support

by Elise Kalokerinos

How to take things less personally | Psyche

Emotion regulation


How to take things less personally

Always blaming yourself or assuming others think ill of you? A CBT therapist shares ways to break these self-critical habits

by Joel Minden

How to have less stuff | Psyche



How to have less stuff

Do your possessions hold too much power over you? Learn to regain control – and benefit your wallet and the planet

by Melissa Norberg

How to be useless | Psyche

Meaning and the good life


How to be useless

Follow the Daoist way – reclaim your life and happiness by letting go of the need to produce, strive or serve a purpose

by Helen De Cruz & Pauline Lee

How to cope with an existential crisis | Psyche

Meaning and the good life


How to cope with an existential crisis

Has the world gone grey? Are you wondering what life is for? Kierkegaard’s philosophy could help you rediscover your zing

by Skye C Cleary

How to come out of your shell | Psyche



How to come out of your shell

You don’t have to be outgoing. But if being introverted is holding you back from the life you want, dive in for a way out

by Christian Jarrett