Pam Weintraub

Senior Editor, Aeon+Psyche

Pam is an editor and writer specialising in psychology, neuroscience and the sciences. She has previously worked as executive and features editor at Discover, where her acquisitions were widely anthologised and received numerous national awards; a consulting editor at Psychology Today; and in a range of roles at Omni magazine, from senior editor and editor-at-large to founding editor of Omni online. She is author of 16 books on medicine, psychology and lifestyle, including Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic, which won the American Medical Writers Association book award in 2009. She can be found on Twitter @pam3001.

Edited by Pam Weintraub

Parenting and families


I’m childfree by choice. Should I feel guilty about ending my line?

My uterus is not my ancestors’ vessel for future progeny. What’s the impact of my choice on my family’s genetic lineage?

by Starre Vartan

Pleasures and pastimes


How to wander

Whether in a city or the wilderness, near or far, there’s joy to be had in a journey where the destination doesn’t matter

by Jordan Fisher Smith

Body dysmorphic disorder


Body neutrality gives me the freedom not to love my body

How body neutrality, not body positivity, allowed me to acknowledge the fraught relationship between myself and my body

by Payal Dhar



How war destroys the childhood sense-scape we call ‘home’

What we grow up with determines the gestures, textures, spaces, sights, smells, sounds and thoughts we call ‘home’

by Julia F Christensen



Learn the art of journaling and archive your life

Journaling is an art and a daily practice that allows you to write your life and find your way, one sentence at a time

by Sarah Boon

Food and drink


La cucina povera delivers the fare we need to sustain us now

La cucina povera made do with whatever was available in nonna’s kitchen garden, and remains the perfect fare for our times

by Louise Fabiani



Human exceptionalism imposes horrible costs on other animals

We owe it to other animals and to ourselves to resist human exceptionalism. Accepting their inner lives is the first step

by Barbara J King

Wonder and the sublime


Bronze Age people looked to the skyscape to navigate their lives

Long before stargazing helped humans navigate the Earth, the skyscape gave Bronze Age people mystery and wonder

by Kata Karáth



A few simple steps could empower the world’s largest minority

What makes people like me disabled is not our bodies but the societies we live in. Let me inspire a rethink in your attitudes

by Paras Shah

Therapeutic relationships


Homeless, delusional, and brave, Mrs A taught me a powerful lesson

How a homeless woman with frostbitten feet taught me what it means to stand up for another when the stakes are high

by Patricia Steckler

The body and physical health


How to live with chronic illness

Whatever your own experience of long-haul sickness, a shift in perspective could help you enjoy a full and happier life

by Jennifer Crystal



Medicine has failed chronic pain patients. Here’s what they need

Modern healthcare has failed those in pain. It’s time to treat the whole patient with empathy, kindness – and the truth

by Haider Warraich