Childhood and adolescence

Stone Moai statue from Easter Island against a black background, depicting a human-like figure with exaggerated facial features.



How to be a man

Old ideas of manliness make us miserable. Being labelled ‘toxic’ doesn’t help. A reimagined masculinity is the way forward

by Andrew Reiner

Abstract painting of various musical instruments, including drums, a trombone, a banjo, and a guitar, with a silhouetted figure in foreground.



Childhood collides with the adult world in this haunting Bukowski adaptation

A film by Jonathan Hodgson

Parenting and families


How to raise a resilient child

Put that helicopter back in the hangar and let your children find their own way. Their independence will likely surprise you

by Judith Locke

Black and white drawing of a person walking between others on sun loungers by a tiled pool area, viewed from behind.

Childhood and adolescence


One girl’s long, scary route from changing room to swimming pool

A film by Elise Augarten

Blurry image of a person sitting at a desk with books and magazines, appearing to be in motion.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


How to empower a teen with ADHD

As they go through the most challenging period of their life, there are ways you can help them not just cope but thrive

by Margaret Sibley

Surreal scene of a person with a clay mask and blue hair at a table with others in masks in the background, in a dimly lit room.

Communication and language


Navigating a pub, Shaun’s anxieties are (quite literally) plastered on his face

Directed by Sam Gainsborough