9 minutes





A whimsical ode to the reparative power of knitting, rendered in wool

‘At least you have something at the end of it.’

An easy-to-love animation, Visible Mending (2023) renders the creative lives of eight knitters from across the UK in charming stop motion. The interviewees, including two knitting teachers, a mathematician and a woman recovering from a stroke, each give voice to the therapeutic effects of their practice. These range from the simple satisfaction of ‘making something that works’ to less tangible benefits, such as a sense of purpose and an acceptance of imperfection.

The UK filmmaker Samantha Moore’s passion for the craft permeates the work as animal characters made of yarn form, unfurl and stitch themselves back together, with each unique animated sequence corresponding to one speaker’s story. Likewise, the sounds of knitting needles form the percussive backbone of her whimsical sound design. Inspired by Moore’s mother’s battle with dementia, which impacted her knitting abilities, Visible Mending celebrates the importance of creativity in fostering healing and building community.

Director: Samantha Moore

Producer: Tilley Bancroft