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Charting seven decades of heartbreak and rebellion for queer teens at prom

Prom, or whatever similar rite of passage exists in your corner of the world, can be an anxiety-inducing event in a young person’s life, given the melding of expectations, hormones and teenage awkwardness that so often characterise the experience. And, as the Canadian director Andrew Moir’s Take Me to Prom explores, it can be even more stressful if you are – or are in process of discovering yourself to be – queer. Or, it can be unremarkable fun. Or, it can be an opportunity to party elsewhere and wake up the next day in a stranger’s garden. Interviewing seven Canadians between the ages of 17 and 88, Moir shares a wide range of tales of self-discovery, rebellion and accidental activism at (and, in one case, away from) prom. With stories that range from hilarious to deeply moving, the film portrays a rich diversity of lived experiences while at the same time charting social change across the decades.

Director: Andrew Moir

Website: CBC Documentaries