Transcendent experience

The body and physical health


How to breathe

Whether your aim is improved health, mental calm or achieving transcendence, breathing techniques can help you get there

by Martin Petrus

A group of people in traditional attire with gold embroidery, holding flowers and smiling while singing.



Six minutes with a pan-African gospel choir is a shot of joy for the weary soul

Directed by Samuel Bradley

Wonder and the sublime


How to experience more wow

Awe might seem an unobtainable luxury to many but, with the right approach, you can enjoy it daily – no mountain required

by Summer Allen

A woman sits at a table with traditional Chinese teacups and teapots. She takes in the aroma of a cup of tea. Behind her are shelves of cylindrical bricks of Pu Erh tea.

Food and drink


For a Chinese tea master, each sip is a rich expression of memory

Directed by Anna-Claria Ostasenko Bogdanoff

Drugs and psychedelics


How to have a safe psychedelic trip

A psychedelic experience can be deeply rewarding, but also carries real risks. Here’s how to avoid a bad trip

by Christian Jarrett

A lone swimmer in choppy waters near a lighthouse on a rocky outcrop, under an overcast sky.

Transcendent experience


A record-breaking distance swimmer finds sublime peace in cold water

Directed by Thomas Beug