A still life painting featuring various fish, lobster, vegetables, a cat, hanging pots, and garlic, all arranged on a table with a white cloth.

Mental health


How to use food to help your mood

Depression and low mood are not separate from the rest of your bodily health: the right diet can help reduce your risk

by Kimberley Wilson

A child’s drawing of a person in front of a red door, playing a pink electric guitar with lightning bolts around them.

Parenting and families


Ethan ponders his daughter’s future without him in this celebrated short

Directed by Ethan Barrett

Three red-and-white capsules on a light blue background.



How to decide whether to take antidepressants

They’re controversial yet they help countless people. To see if pills are right for you, these are the questions to ask

by Stephen Lawrie

Still image from a VHS tape depicting child and a woman blowing out birthday cake candles together, both wearing red, with people in the background.

Parenting and families


Love is no simple thing for a mother and the daughter she raised alone

Directed by Ellie Wen

Self-harm and suicide


How to talk to a suicidal friend

Twice as many people worldwide die from suicide as from homicide. Here’s how to help your loved ones back from the brink

by Lindsay Weisner

Silhouetted man playing guitar in a dimly lit room near a window with plants on the sill and music sheets on the counter.

Brain injury and dementia


The songs of Bob Dylan suffuse a poignant story of dementia and music

Directed by Harry Shaw