Self-harm and suicide

Abstract illustration of a person in an orange top hugging their knees while sitting by a window with gentle light coming through.

Self-harm and suicide


How to support someone who is self-harming

A person harming themselves is not attention-seeking but attention-needing. Reach in and show them you’re listening

by Rory O’Connor & Ellen Townsend

Illustration of a person in a purple shirt sitting at a table with a yellow mug, receiving a supportive hand on theirs.

Compassion and empathy


How one man saved 160 lives with an extended hand and a warm cup of tea

Directed by Alec Green and Finbar Watson

Self-harm and suicide


How to talk to a suicidal friend

Twice as many people worldwide die from suicide as from homicide. Here’s how to help your loved ones back from the brink

by Lindsay Weisner