Perspectives and controversies

an anoymous figure is welcomed in to a warm coloured therapists room



How to get ready for therapy

Whatever brings you to a therapist’s office, taking these proactive steps as you begin can help you make the most of it

by Rochelle Frank

Various ancient Greek and Roman statue fragments, including busts and limbs, playfully arranged in a circular pattern against a light background.



Self-honesty is crucial, life is weird – a tale of wisdom gained via panic attacks

Directed by Samira Mian

A soft-toned painting of a serene face with closed eyes and long hair, partially submerged in water with a muted greyish-blue background.

Emerging therapies


How to know if hypnosis is for you

Even experts can be confused about clinical hypnosis. So here’s all you need to help decide if you might benefit from it

by Eric Spiegel

A close-up photo of a person’s neck and upper chest, illuminated by blue and pink lighting, against a dark background.

Mind-body interactions


How to trust your body

Your heart, lungs, abdomen and gut are trying to tell you something. Learning to tune in can significantly boost your health

by Saga Briggs