Therapies and practical advice

Two women in printed dresses stand at a concrete railing, overlooking a beach and cliffs with the sea stretching into the horizon.

Emerging therapies


How to look after your emotional health

Find out which of your emotional needs you’ve been neglecting and use tips from human givens therapy to address them

by Denise Winn

A red hibiscus flower and green leaves are divided into four vertical panels against a blue background, overlaid by raindrop textures.



Climate fears make Sindha feel doomed. Can eco-therapy help?

Directed by Sindha Agha

A person stirring food in a steaming pot on a stove in a kitchen. Several other stainless steel pots are also on the stove. The foreground shows a blurred image of bread rolls, and a jar with cherry tomatoes can be seen on the right.

Emerging therapies


How to use cooking as a form of therapy

No matter your culinary skills, spend some reflective time in the kitchen to nourish and renew your sense of self

by Charlotte Hastings

A woman sits alone at a wooden desk in a modern office with large glass windows, reflecting buildings and trees outside.

Cognitive and behavioural therapies


How to stop living on auto-pilot

Are you going through the motions? Use these therapy techniques to set meaningful goals and build a ‘life worth living’

by Kiki Fehling