Sam Dresser

Senior Editor, Aeon+Psyche

Sam has been with Aeon since its launch in 2012. He’s most interested in how to do philosophy and in the continental/analytic divide. History and politics are also amusing to him. He considers Evelyn Waugh to be a very funny writer and enjoys pubs more than he should.

Edited by Sam Dresser

Knowledge and reason


Ancient Greek antilogic is the craft of suspending judgment

Sophists like Protagoras used the rhetoric of antilogic to escape from the illusion of truth and make room for uncertainty

by Robin Reames

Sex and sexuality


My take on ‘Venus in Furs’ as a modern-day dominatrix

My experiences as a 21st-century femdom echo the gendered themes that feature in Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s 1870 novel

by Gia Marcos

Various fish displayed in groupings at a fish market

Thinking and intelligence


How to think like a Bayesian

In a world of few absolutes, it pays to be able to think clearly about probabilities. These five ideas will get you started

by Michael G Titelbaum

Knowledge and reason


How Nietzsche’s insights can help fight fanaticism

Fanatical thinking is based on a narrative of resentment toward outgroups. Nietzsche offers two ways of changing the script

by Paul Katsafanas

Thinkers and theories


How to live like a Cynic

Take inspiration from Diogenes, the philosopher in a barrel, and transform your negativity into a liberating force for good

by Ansgar Allen

A group of school children in high-vis vests walk alongside a harbour wall beneath a blue sky

Learning and education


Lessons about learning from ancient Greek philosophers

What Aristotle and Epicurus can teach us about learning through collaboration, movement, place and embodiment

by Tom Bielik

A close up shot looking down upon the toes and feet of a person balanced on the edge of a jetty over water

Fear and phobia


To fear well is virtuous and more important than being brave

Fear is not the enemy, but a real and legitimate emotion. To truly support another in their fear, let them give it a voice

by Ami Harbin

A child in traditional clothing lies on a grey street surrounded by eggs and egg trays whilst a policeman trys to collect them for him



How to think about ethical dilemmas

Learning about ethical theories won’t give you easy answers, but will increase your confidence in how you choose to live

by Timm Triplett

The self


When Nietzsche said ‘become who you are’, this is what he meant

Behind the philosopher’s cryptic phrase is an invocation to sculpt your ideal self out of the hard stone of your psyche

by Ryan A Bush

Emotion regulation


The Stoics were right – emotional control is good for the soul

Both neuroscience and psychotherapy agree that you can change your mental framework as the Stoic Marcus Aurelius described

by István Darabán

Thinkers and theories


Learning to be a loser: a philosopher’s case for doing nothing

For Emil Cioran, a life devoid of action, practical ambitions and busyness is a life in which room has been made for meaning

by Costica Bradatan

Change and self-development


The cult of being confident and why it doesn’t help women

By making women solely responsible for their own empowerment, the culture of confidence masks the true causes of inequality

by Rosalind Gill & Shani Orgad