Food and drink

How to go vegetarian or vegan | Psyche

Food and drink


How to go vegetarian or vegan

Quitting animal foods needn’t be a hardship. Relish your new diet and make it stick with this nutritionist’s approach

by Reed Mangels

The best chef in the world | Psyche

Food and drink


Founding the ‘world’s best’ restaurant made Sally happy. So did selling it

20 mins

How to use food to help your mood | Psyche

Mental health


How to use food to help your mood

Depression and low mood are not separate from the rest of your bodily health: the right diet can help reduce your risk

by Kimberley Wilson

My mom’s eggplant sauce | Psyche

Parenting and families


Mary’s famed ragout is salted with the pains and joys of her family life

10 mins

How to enjoy coffee | Psyche

Food and drink


How to enjoy coffee

Smooth like chocolate or fruity like a berry, coffee has as many tastes as wine or beer – you just need to know your beans

by Jessica Easto

Salt and bread | Psyche

Rituals and celebrations


Mamuka and his tuneful panduri light up this Georgian village feast

13 mins