Pleasures and pastimes

Shelves filled with numerous vinyl records, aligned vertically and tightly packed together, showing varied colours of spines.



How to discover new music

In a musical rut? Whatever your age or existing tastes, you can find surprise and enjoyment beyond the streaming algorithms

by James Hadfield

A knitted grey toy mouse holds a needle and repairs its own dress. Three balls of yarn lie nearby, alongside a small blue open book.

Pleasures and pastimes


A whimsical ode to the reparative power of knitting, rendered in wool

Directed by Samantha Moore

A group of people in vibrant green and floral costumes, laughing and celebrating with flowers and horns, next to a stone wall and window.



How to start having more fun

Fun isn’t frivolous – it’s vital for your wellbeing. Here’s a step-by-step plan to bring more pleasure into your busy life

by Mike Rucker

A person with grey curly hair is sorting plant materials on an outdoor table in a garden, with various green and flowering plants in the background.

Nature and the environment


From freeze to bloom – the rhythms and splendour of life on a flower farm

Directed by Oriel Danielson

Black and white image of a person playing a Chickering piano with an ornate music stand. The person’s profile is visible in the foreground.



How to listen to, and enjoy, classical music

Whether you’re a newbie or an aficionado, these ways to navigate and approach the genre will enrich your experience

by Lawrence Kramer

White trainers near four yellow tennis balls on a blue tennis court, with blurred background of a few people and trees.

Sports and games


Passion, agility, invisibility – do you have what it takes to become a ball person?

Directed by Scott Lazer