Life stages

A boy wearing a cap and t-shirt sits alone on white stadium bleachers, looking to the side with his arms crossed.



How to overcome the loneliness of youth

It’s extremely common to feel lonely when you’re young. Many strategies can help, the key is finding what works for you

by Lily Verity & Pamela Qualter

Outdoorsy woman lies back in a sunny forest on grass and ferns, surrounded by trees with mossy trunks. She shields her face from the sun with an arm.

Life stages


An ecologist finds an apt metaphor for healing in the rainforests she studies

Directed by Andrew Nadkarni



How to make friends as an adult

Friendships give us so much. Be bold, take the initiative, and you’ll be surprised how many people are pleased to connect

by Marisa G Franco

Three girls dancing in a bedroom; one on a bed in blue outfit, others on the floor wearing casual clothes. The room has pink curtains and a blue lamp.

Life stages


A nostalgic ode to being 15, fearless and in love with the world

Directed by Celia Willis

Close-up profile of a plastic golden crown with colourful jewels on top of dark, short hair against a blurred, warm-toned background.

Childhood and adolescence


Charting seven decades of heartbreak and rebellion for queer teens at prom

Directed by Andrew Moir