Beauty and aesthetics

Compassion and empathy


Empathy is, at heart, an aesthetic appreciation of the other

Empathy is an aesthetic practice that relies on our capacity to delight in, and respond with reverence to, the world around us

by Susan Lanzoni

The body and physical health


Body positivity is fixated on beauty – here’s how to fix that

Body positivity is stuck in the shallow. We should move beyond beauty and towards health, pleasure and acceptance

by Céline Leboeuf

Thinking and intelligence


Hula hooping is not mindless, it is bodily problem solving

There are surprising similarities in the way mathematicians do their work and the way hoop dancers devise new tricks

by Elina Vessonen

Wonder and the sublime


Is the sublime a hopelessly old-fashioned Euro-Romantic ideal?

The sublime is not only for the Romantics, nor just about gender or overcoming nature. It’s in the thrills-and-chills of emotion

by Robert Clewis

Beauty and aesthetics


Beauty is not an ornament to the good life, it is at its heart

Why does the hand want to draw what the eye sees as beautiful? Why do we respond to beauty by creating the beautiful?

by Nick Riggle

Beauty and aesthetics


You can be aesthetically sensitive and know nothing about art

Aesthetic sensitivity is not about being correct in your judgments of beauty, but rather how much you’re affected by it

by Guido Corradi

Philosophy of art


To master the art of close looking, learn to hold time still

Visual literacy is a skillset that’s rarely taught, but it begins with learning how to look – and how to hold time still

by Grace Linden

Beauty and aesthetics


Gardening with Heidegger: from mystery to truth, via the earth

The garden as a source of authority beyond human wisdom – on Martin Heidegger’s philosophy of gardening for truth

by F Bailey Norwood