Artists and art history

Black-and-white image of a person playing a Chickering piano with an ornate music stand. The person’s profile is visible in the foreground.



How to listen to, and enjoy, classical music

Whether you’re a newbie or an aficionado, these ways to navigate and approach the genre will enrich your experience

by Lawrence Kramer

The artist Marina Abramović in a long, white dress stands in an abandoned building, lit by studio lights. The walls are rundown and the floor has tracks for camera equipment. The woman faces forward, with her hair in a side braid, and the atmosphere is dramatic and moody.

Artists and art history


In a single, unbroken shot, Marina Abramović surveys her artistic evolution

A film by Art21

A man and a woman sitting at a café table, both looking off to the side, with a glass of wine and ashtray on the table.



How to find great films to watch

Bored with Hollywood and Netflix? Becoming an adventurous and informed explorer of the cinema world is in everyone’s grasp

by Geoff Andrew

A hand-drawn pie chart titled “Why I Do Not Read Lips,” with segments like “Honey, it’s not game night – no charades please,” “Too much eye contact, I have my limits,” and “Olive juice my ass.”



This artist’s clever work moves Deaf culture from the margins to centre stage

Directed by Chiemi Karasawa

Abstract illustration of a person with eyes closed, wearing glasses, surrounded by cosmic elements on a blue and black background.



Enter a dreamy French surrealist poem, where love and reality never quite touch

Directed by Emma Vakarelova