Spirituality and transcendence

How to thrive after leaving your religion | Psyche

Change and self-development


How to thrive after leaving your religion

It can be distressing, but liberating too. Use these tips from clinical practice and personal experience to emerge stronger

by Micah Rees

Man on the chair | Psyche

The nature of reality


An animated figure’s world grows enigmatic when he begins to doubt reality

7 mins

How to set yourself free with ritual | Psyche

Rituals and celebrations


How to set yourself free with ritual

For a life of harmonious ease, find the rhythm in the everyday: make your world your temple and submit to its sacred ritual

by Alan Jay Levinovitz

Madagascar, a journey diary | Psyche

Rituals and celebrations


Come on this painterly journey to Madagascar’s ‘turning of the dead’

11 mins

How to revive your sense of wonder | Psyche

Wonder and the sublime


How to revive your sense of wonder

That childhood urge to ask ‘how’ and ‘why’ usually fades. But we can all learn to rediscover the joys of wide-eyed discovery

by Frank Keil

The dance of the macaws | Psyche

Spirituality and religion


An ancient ritual is a window to Mayan culture’s deep past and vibrant present

18 mins