Values and ethical living

How to be useless | Psyche

Meaning and the good life


How to be useless

Follow the Daoist way – reclaim your life and happiness by letting go of the need to produce, strive or serve a purpose

by Helen De Cruz & Pauline Lee

How to foster ‘shoshin’ | Psyche

Thinking and intelligence


How to foster ‘shoshin’

It’s easy for the mind to become closed to new ideas. Cultivating a beginner’s mind helps us rediscover the joy of learning

by Christian Jarrett

How to enjoy coffee | Psyche

Food and drink


How to enjoy coffee

Smooth like chocolate or fruity like a berry, coffee has as many tastes as wine or beer – you just need to know your beans

by Jessica Easto

How to be angry | Psyche



How to be angry

Anger is a fuel that’s dangerous when out of control. But managed well, it can energise you to identify and confront problems

by Ryan Martin

How to not fear your death | Psyche

Death and dying


How to not fear your death

You exist, but one day you won’t. An Epicurean perspective can help you feel less afraid, and even grateful for life’s finitude

by Sam Dresser

How to think about pleasure | Psyche

Virtues and vices


How to think about pleasure

Weirdly hard to define, much less to feel OK about it, pleasure is a tricky creature. Can philosophy help us lighten up?

by Sam Dresser

How to be excellent | Psyche

Virtues and vices


How to be excellent

Plato and Aristotle can help you resist conventional worldly success, direct your energy and find your own highest calling

by Benjamin Studebaker

How to know who’s trustworthy | Psyche

Knowledge and reason


How to know who’s trustworthy

Knotty problems call for sound advice. Use philosophy to find the intellectually dependable amid the frauds and egotists

by T Ryan Byerly

How to save yourself another pointless guilt trip | Psyche

Shame and guilt


How to save yourself another pointless guilt trip

Just because you feel guilty doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong. Relax the rules you live by and set yourself free

by Aziz Gazipura

How to be a good friend to an Autistic person | Psyche



How to be a good friend to an Autistic person

Autistic and non-autistic people see the social world differently. But openness and empathy can foster a valuable bond

by Abby Sesterka & Erin Bulluss