Spirituality and transcendence

The bone outline of a skull is seen in relief where excavated on a cave floor

Rituals and celebrations


Digging for answers in a cave filled with Neanderthal skeletons

When a team of researchers returned to an Iraqi cave believed to be a Neanderthal burial site, here’s what they found

by Shayla Love

Mindfulness and meditation


When mindfulness meets capitalism, it loses its way

The modern business of mindfulness strips the practice of both its spiritual meaning and much of its practical value

by Chris Wheatley

Change and self-development


What can we learn from those who have a moral change of heart?

Stories of sharp adjustments in moral perspective show the potential of unusual experiences to open people’s minds

by Joshua May

Food and drink


If you don’t fancy mindfulness, then try cooking instead

When overwhelmed I schedule in a cooking day: playful, daring and full of memories. Beats any other stress-reliever for me

by Chloe Faure

Self-harm and suicide


Why religious belief provides a real buffer against suicide risk

Under-recognised as a protective force against suicide, religious faith has multiple features that help to save lives

by David H Rosmarin



What happens to the brain during consciousness-ending meditation?

Psychologists are studying a form of meditation known as ‘nirodha-samāpatti’ that reportedly ceases all mental function

by Shayla Love

Sleep and dreams


Five ways to take control of your dreams

Lucid dreaming lets you shape your dreamscape, whether your aims are practical or fantastical. These tips can get you started

by Christian Jarrett

Death and dying


Why ancient Mesopotamians buried their dead beneath the floor

In an age before photos or audio recordings, people found other ways to stay sensorially connected to their deceased

by Nicola Laneri