Mindfulness and meditation

Sacred places


I swim to think and to stay afloat in an ever-wetter world

‘The Beames my Bones, my flesh the plankes’: in pools, I glimpse the future of our terrestrial bodies in an ocean world

by Steve Mentz

Transcendent experience


To experience Zen-like awakening, try going the headless way

Try to point to your true self as you’d point to a brick wall, and other experiments in Zen-like awakening

by Brentyn J Ramm

Mindfulness and meditation


Meditation is like mountaineering: approach it with care

We speak of meditation as exercise, something that’s good for everyone. But, like scaling a mountain, you must use caution

by Nicholas Van Dam

Worry and rumination


Here’s how to take back your life from long-term worrying

Long after they’ve gone, stressors can cause harm to your health. These psychological techniques offer a powerful defence

by Dane McCarrick & Daryl O’Connor

Spirituality and religion


Spirituality is a brain state we can all reach, religious or not

Neuroscience shows that spiritual experiences are correlated with brain states that we can all aim for, religious or not

by Tal Dotan Ben-Soussan

Mindfulness and meditation


Modern mindfulness meditation has lost its beating communal heart

Ancestral blessings in meditation are not premodern residue. Attachment theory suggests they’re vital for compassion

by Paul Condon & John Makransky

Memory and nostalgia


In a journey through time I’ve seen the past imprinted on the present

Memory allows us to break free from chronological time, to extend ourselves beyond a single life to embrace earlier generations

by Vicky Grut

Mindfulness and meditation


It’s time to hear what adolescents think of mindfulness in schools

Mindfulness for adolescents backfires when it imposes moral ideals, stirs up trauma, or fails to treat young people as agents

by Elena Hailwood, William Wannyn & Suparna Choudhury