Values and ethical living



Morality aside, there’s another good reason to love your enemies

Wishing your antagonists well can be seen as a moral obligation or a misguided ideal. But it might serve your interests

by Alex Moran

Civic life


It’s not only political conservatives who worry about moral purity

You might think the political Right is more focussed on morals than the Left. But purity is a pervasive political value

by Kurt Gray, Will Blakey & Nicholas DiMaggio

Fairness and equality


Teaching self-confidence can backfire and perpetuate inequality

It’s true that self-confidence is beneficial, but the way in which it’s often taught is misguided and can be harmful

by Eddie Brummelman & Kelly Ziemer

Thinkers and theories


Learning to be a loser: a philosopher’s case for doing nothing

For Emil Cioran, a life devoid of action, practical ambitions and busyness is a life in which room has been made for meaning

by Costica Bradatan

Trauma and PTSD


Many refugees carry a distinct type of trauma: ‘moral injury’

Trauma is usually fear-based, but refugees are also burdened by witnessing moral violations and their own ethical dilemmas

by Angela Nickerson & Philippa Specker

Knowledge and reason


Reason is a powerful tool, but it pays to know its limits

As a philosophy student, I was bewitched by the power of reason – but my life is freer since I escaped from its spell

by Pranay Sanklecha



A fake-meat burger, a sex doll and a thought experiment

How is enjoying a burger, even if it’s one made of fake meat, different from enjoying a female, even if she’s a sex doll?

by Rebecca Lowe

Change and self-development


The cult of being confident and why it doesn’t help women

By making women solely responsible for their own empowerment, the culture of confidence masks the true causes of inequality

by Rosalind Gill & Shani Orgad