Values and ethical living

Rituals and celebrations


Together forever: ‘at-home burial’ in southern Vietnam

What might a traveller along the Mekong Delta learn about the beliefs and traditions behind the country’s elevated tombs?

by Gina Elia



Prejudice is more of a problem for some disabilities than others

It’s welcome that there’s more awareness of ableism, but further progress means digging into the varied ways it plays out

by Matt Huston

Human rights and justice


The day the Taliban banned women like me from working

With my daughters’ education cancelled, I thought the regime had done its worst. Then a new message came from my office

by Nargis

A child meeting Santa in a mall looks disbelieving

Childhood and adolescence


At what point does the Santa myth become a harmful deception?

Exactly when and how children discover they’ve been duped makes an important difference to the revelatory experience

by Shayla Love

Knowledge and reason


How Nietzsche’s insights can help fight fanaticism

Fanatical thinking is based on a narrative of resentment toward outgroups. Nietzsche offers two ways of changing the script

by Paul Katsafanas

A smiling neurodiverse child holds a red balloon. In the background people hold balloons of various colours



Essentialism is insidious – but it might also be helpful

Stereotypes are obviously bad, but believing you share an essence with others could help people who feel marginalised

by Ariana Orvell & Alexa Lebrón-Cruz

A man walks beneath overcast skies down a wet and rutted road past a burned out tank in war-ravaged Ukraine

History of ideas


Five timeless lessons for life from the Athenian tragedies

In a world filled with grief-fuelled rage, cultivating a tragic mindset can help you to live with grace and dignity

by Andy Owen

Mindfulness and meditation


Here’s what to know about using meditation to be a better person

Meditating has long been thought to enhance morality. But the type of meditation – and the aspects of morality – matter

by Jakob Hohwy & Kevin Berryman