Expert insights and practical help in dealing with the emotional and psychological challenges of life

Three people sit on a bench facing a forest fire on a hill at night, with a fire truck nearby. The flames illuminate the trees, creating a dramatic and intense scene.



How to cope with climate anxiety

It’s normal to feel troubled by the climate crisis. These practices can help keep your response manageable and constructive

by Lucia Tecuta

Parenting and families


‘Suddenly you are here’ – a breathless, hilarious ode to new motherhood

Directed by Henriette Rietz

A person stirring food in a steaming pot on a stove in a kitchen. Several other stainless steel pots are also on the stove. The foreground shows a blurred image of bread rolls, and a jar with cherry tomatoes can be seen on the right.

Emerging therapies


How to use cooking as a form of therapy

No matter your culinary skills, spend some reflective time in the kitchen to nourish and renew your sense of self

by Charlotte Hastings

A man in winter clothing sits on a wooden boat, eyes closed, with a snowy mountain landscape and water in the background.

Trauma and PTSD


In the wake of wars, a professor seeks to mend children’s deep traumas

Directed by Daniel Benjamin Wheeler

A woman sits alone at a wooden desk in a modern office with large glass windows, reflecting buildings and trees outside.

Cognitive and behavioural therapies


How to stop living on auto-pilot

Are you going through the motions? Use these therapy techniques to set meaningful goals and build a ‘life worth living’

by Kiki Fehling

Outdoorsy woman lies back in a sunny forest on grass and ferns, surrounded by trees with mossy trunks. She shields her face from the sun with an arm.

Life stages


An ecologist finds an apt metaphor for healing in the rainforests she studies

Directed by Andrew Nadkarni