Communication and language

Ancient elongated humanoid statue with a minimalist design and folded arms, carved from a reddish stone, against a grey background.

Communication and language


How to say no

It’s a little word, but if you’re a chronic people pleaser it can be so tricky to say it. These tips and tricks will help

by Shayla Love

Still image from a VHS tape depicting child and a woman blowing out birthday cake candles together, both wearing red, with people in the background.

Parenting and families


Love is no simple thing for a mother and the daughter she raised alone

Directed by Ellie Wen

Man in white shirt leaning out, speaking into a large megaphone overlooking a sea filled with distant ships and smoke on the horizon.

Communication and language


How to find your voice

Do you sometimes feel silenced or afraid to speak up? Learn to use your natural voice and be heard for who you really are

by Sophie Scott

A hand-drawn pie chart titled “Why I Do Not Read Lips,” with segments like “Honey, it’s not game night – no charades please,” “Too much eye contact, I have my limits,” and “Olive juice my ass.”



This artist’s clever work moves Deaf culture from the margins to centre stage

Directed by Chiemi Karasawa

Back view of a man holding a child at an outdoor evening gathering with string lights in the background.

Stigma and taboo


How to talk about your mental illness

Careful disclosure can be highly rewarding. Use tips from the Honest, Open, Proud programme to share your story

by Carla Kundert & Patrick W Corrigan

Close-up of a green parrot with a red forehead and white around its eyes, looking directly at the camera.

Wonder and the sublime


The search for life beyond Earth is peculiar, from a parrot’s perspective

Directed by Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla