Disorders and difficulties

Trauma and PTSD


Maladaptive daydreaming made me feel trapped in my own mind

Extended daydreams were a much-needed escape, but turned into a compulsion that crowded out my waking activities

by Zainab Al-Hassani

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As a psychiatrist, I’ve seen how chasing happiness leads to misery

My clinical work has shown me that happiness is a ghost that’s not worth pursuing – there are far wiser goals in life

by Rafa Euba

Stigma and taboo


The families of people who commit sex crimes need care and support

While they deal with a kind of grief, the relatives of those who harm others sexually are subject to blame and judgment

by Azadeh Nematy



Some emotions seem to be more ‘elastic’ than others

New research findings suggest that guilt behaves like an on-off switch whereas anger is more elastic and dial-controlled

by Matt Huston

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Mental health


Why we’re hopeful about mental health videos on TikTok

People are broadcasting their psychological self-diagnoses on TikTok. Some experts are worried, but we see an opportunity

by Elliot Jurist & Julia Jurist

A pensive-looking woman is listening to headphones on a bus on a rainy evening

Communication and language


Listening in on horror: why many women love true crime podcasts

True crime podcasts turn violence against women into a form of entertainment. Why do so many female listeners enjoy them?

by Amelia Anthony

A woman seen from behind talks on a mobile phone while distractedly running her hand through her hair

Worry and rumination


If thinking is rational, what makes overthinking irrational?

A philosophical perspective on overthinking offers fresh insights into the mental processes involved in anxiety and OCD

by Pablo Hubacher Haerle

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Fear and phobia


To fear well is virtuous and more important than being brave

Fear is not the enemy, but a real and legitimate emotion. To truly support another in their fear, let them give it a voice

by Ami Harbin