Disorders and difficulties

Memory and nostalgia


You can feel nostalgia for things that you haven’t yet lost

Nostalgia is a longing for the past, but psychologists are coming to realise it can focus on the future too

by Shayla Love

Emotion regulation


Why it might not help – and could hurt – to brace for the worst

When awaiting a potentially stressful update or event, do you assume it won’t go your way? There may be better options

by Ella Moeck



What to do when your urge for reassurance has gone too far

The need for constant reassurance can show up like a persistent itch. Follow these steps for a more lasting peace of mind

by Matt Huston

Self-harm and suicide


The violence of suicide reverberates in, and through, us all

A psychodynamic perspective on suicide can help us all reckon more honestly with the interconnectedness of psychic pain

by Kyle Boyd

Resilience and flexibility


Why some people are at higher risk of ‘stress contagion’

Our stress levels don’t rise and fall in isolation. Grasping the social side of stress could help us manage it better

by Shihan Li

Body dysmorphic disorder


Body dysmorphic disorder is common, yet widely misunderstood

What strikes someone with BDD as a glaring physical problem actually calls for a psychological solution

by Toni Pikoos

Trauma and PTSD


Many refugees carry a distinct type of trauma: ‘moral injury’

Trauma is usually fear-based, but refugees are also burdened by witnessing moral violations and their own ethical dilemmas

by Angela Nickerson & Philippa Specker

Personality disorders


There’s a growing case for renaming ‘personality disorders’

The concept of personality disorders has been around for centuries but it’s flawed and needs both a rethink and a new name

by Matt Huston