Disorders and difficulties

Person spreading strawberry jam on a piece of toast with a spoon in a kitchen setting, with a microwave and wooden countertop in the background.

Eating disorders


The important link between eating disorders and past trauma

For someone who’s endured trauma, an eating disorder might be one of the aftereffects. That should inform their recovery

by Giulia Suro

A woman sits at a cafe at night with a beer and a cigarette



You can want things you don’t like and like things you don’t want

The distinct neurochemistry of wanting and liking is helping to make sense of addiction – and more everyday behaviours

by Shayla Love

a frightened child whose face is partially obscured peers down from by a play area structure

Trauma and PTSD


The shadows cast by childhood abuse and neglect are not the same

Unravelling the pathways from different forms of childhood maltreatment to mental illness could lead to better treatments

by Anne Alkema & Marco Boks

In a dark room a woman is asleep under a duvet and a guitar is leaning against the wall

Sleep problems


What to do when racing thoughts keep you up at night

Any attempts to escape your mind or make yourself sleep are likely to backfire. Try these expert tips instead

by Matt Huston

Two children come down a slide in a sepia-toned photo

Personality disorders


To understand borderline personality, imagine having no history

For people with an unfairly stigmatised mental health condition, and the rest of us, it’s vital to connect past with present

by Alexander Kriss

A man in a white robe walks down a staircase with an ornate iron railing in a stone building. Sunlight streams through the large windows.

Spirituality and religion


A monk showed me that spirituality needs more space in medicine

As a doctor, I’ve seen how brain diseases can become entwined with spiritual pain. Who is responsible for addressing it?

by Michael P H Stanley

People walking on a city street bathed in sunlight, with American flags hanging on buildings in the background. Shadows are cast on the pavement, and tall buildings line the street, creating a dramatic, contrasting light and shadow effect.

Death and dying


Why so many of us see our loved ones after they have died

These experiences – which are more of an illusion than a hallucination – can be a healthy part of the grieving process

by Shayla Love

The African American singer and pianist Nina Simone is pictured alone, singing against a spotlight that resembles a moon in the darkness. She has her eyes closed.

Emerging therapies


Could that tingle down the spine be a way to rediscover joy?

In new research, scientists have looked into the potential benefits of giving people with depression the aesthetic chills

by Shayla Love