Perspectives and controversies

Stigma and taboo


The families of people who commit sex crimes need care and support

While they deal with a kind of grief, the relatives of those who harm others sexually are subject to blame and judgment

by Azadeh Nematy

A man is silhouetted presenting to a video camera and lit by a ring light

Mental health


Why we’re hopeful about mental health videos on TikTok

People are broadcasting their psychological self-diagnoses on TikTok. Some experts are worried, but we see an opportunity

by Elliot Jurist & Julia Jurist



Getting what we think we want can reveal just how complex desire is

Helping my clients probe their unspoken wants creates a space of freedom to express the possibilities that lie dormant

by Charlotte Fox Weber

Cognitive and behavioural therapies


CBT is the ‘gold standard’, but is that just for white people?

CBT is supported by a strong evidence base. However, effective cultural adaptation of the therapy is a work in progress

by Shayla Love

Mind-body interactions


Can a perfectionist personality put you at risk of migraines?

The hunt for a ‘migraine personality’ dates back over a hundred years and still it goes on. Why is the idea so alluring?

by Shayla Love

Self-harm and suicide


The violence of suicide reverberates in, and through, us all

A psychodynamic perspective on suicide can help us all reckon more honestly with the interconnectedness of psychic pain

by Kyle Boyd

Personality disorders


There’s a growing case for renaming ‘personality disorders’

The concept of personality disorders has been around for centuries but it’s flawed and needs both a rethink and a new name

by Matt Huston



Psychotherapy under the microscope: how exactly does it work?

To improve psychotherapy, researchers are looking beyond what happens in a session to learn exactly how change is achieved

by Ciarán O’Driscoll