Perspectives and controversies

History and philosophy of mental health


For Donald Winnicott, the psyche is not inside us but between us

For Donald Winnicott, your psyche isn’t just in your head – it emerges from your relationships with others and the world

by James Barnes

Socioeconomics of mental health


Why we shouldn’t push a positive mindset on those in poverty

Living in poverty is not caused by a faulty mindset, it’s a response to scarcity and marginalisation

by Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington



What I’ve learned about relationships as an agony uncle

I am an agony uncle. This is what I’ve learned about men, women and how relationships work in my 10 years of giving advice

by James McConnachie



See faces in the clouds? It might be a sign of your creativity

Long considered a sign of mental illness, ‘pareidolia’ or seeing patterns in randomness might be a useful measure of creativity

by René Müri & Nicole Göbel

Therapeutic relationships


Psychodynamic therapy helped me overcome trauma when CBT couldn’t

The toxic memories of trauma governed my life for years. But psychodynamic therapy made me feel seen and set me free

by Lucia Osborne-Crowley

The self


A stable sense of self is rooted in the lungs, heart and gut

Exciting new research findings are validating ancient folk beliefs that root the sense of self deep in the body’s organs

by Alessandro Monti

History and philosophy of mental health


Frantz Fanon and the crisis of mental health in the Arab world

Where is Frantz Fanon’s postcolonial ‘new man’ to be found in the persistence of psychiatric institutions in the Arab world?

by Joelle M Abi-Rached

Mental health


If you stay mentally well your entire life, you’re not normal

Surveys suggest only a minority of people live lives entirely free from mental disorder. What can we learn from them?

by Jonathan D Schaefer