Relationships, work and leisure

A man gesticulates and recites poetry at a club event



Why spoken word poetry is so much more than a poetry reading

As poetry returns to its roots as a performance art, it’s providing many with a powerful source of healing and community

by Erica Fletcher

A pensive-looking woman is listening to headphones on a bus on a rainy evening

Communication and language


Listening in on horror: why many women love true crime podcasts

True crime podcasts turn violence against women into a form of entertainment. Why do so many female listeners enjoy them?

by Amelia Anthony

Work and vocation


Why do so many people think they are in a bullshit job?

Researchers continue to debate whether some jobs are inherently useless – but all agree it’s harmful to see your job this way

by Shayla Love

A train arrives at a busy subway station. Many different people on the platform wait to get on the train. Some are blurred as they are caught by the camera mid-motion.



Adapting to the neurotypical world is not the same as conforming

As an autistic person, this is how I draw the line between adapting in a way that’s good for me and simple conformity

by Jack Ori

The Disney cartoon boy Pinocchio depicted with his nose having grown long as he tells a lie

Communication and language


These are the mental processes required to tell a convincing lie

The cognitive work involved in lying is relevant to lie detection and could help explain why some people are better liars

by Molly MacMillan

A tabby cat sleeps upon a home office desk next to a laptop and various desk items

Goals and motivation


Facing a tedious to-do list? This trick could make it easier

The ‘easy addendum effect’: how careful timing of your easier tasks could help you feel better at the end of the day

by Shayla Love

As a man holds open one side of a double glass door, another man opens the other side. The glass in the doors is almost opaque



Blindness transformed my social world, and I changed with it

One of the biggest challenges in becoming blind late in life has been overcoming sighted people’s negative assumptions

by Jeffry Ricker

Compassion and empathy


Improve your relationships with the science of perspective-taking

Social psychology research is breaking down the process of perspective-taking and revealing ways to help us get along better

by Hunter Gehlbach