Values and ethical living

A person hugs two young children near a brick wall in a garden, with plants and greenery around them.



How to get the most out of caregiving

Giving care is hard, but it’s one of the most meaningful things you can do. Here’s how to change up your perspective

by Elissa Strauss

Black and white photo of three children standing outdoors under a cloudy sky. The boy on the left wears a flat cap and checked shirt with trousers, while the two girls on the right wear patterned headscarves and dresses, smiling and looking into the distance.

Values and beliefs


For Hutterites, ‘love thy neighbour’ is both gospel and practical necessity

Directed by Colin Low

A coastal scene with a stone wall on the left, sandy beach below, and calm sea extending to the horizon. The sun is partially obscured by clouds, casting rays over the water. A distant ship is visible on the horizon.

Goals and motivation


How to do mental time travel

Feeling overwhelmed by the present moment? Find a connection to the longer view and a wiser perspective on what matters

by Richard Fisher

A rake with a wooden handle rakes through sand dunes, its trail mixing with shadows from a line of multicoloured flags.

Meaning and the good life


An artist captures the joys of solitude amid a month living in a beach shack

Directed by Lynne Sachs

Three people sit on a bench facing a forest fire on a hill at night, with a fire truck nearby. The flames illuminate the trees, creating a dramatic and intense scene.



How to cope with climate anxiety

It’s normal to feel troubled by the climate crisis. These practices can help keep your response manageable and constructive

by Lucia Tecuta

A woman with grey curly hair is sorting plant materials on an outdoor table in a garden, with various green and flowering plants in the background.

Nature and the environment


From freeze to bloom – the rhythms and splendour of life on a flower farm

Directed by Oriel Danielson