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How to nurture a personal library | Psyche

Stories and literature


How to nurture a personal library

An escape, a sanctuary, a place of pleasure, a memoir. Take these steps to ensure your library is just what you want it to be

by Freya Howarth

How to start making music | Psyche



How to start making music

It’s never too late to play an instrument or learn to sing. Take the leap from listener to maker in the way that suits you

by Gayla M Mills

How to curate (just about) anything | Psyche

Beauty and aesthetics


How to curate (just about) anything

Sure, tidying up is a start. But it won’t get you to the kind of lived-in, personalised space that defines an ideal of home

by Glenn Adamson

How to gain more from your reading | Psyche

Stories and literature


How to gain more from your reading

There’s more to words than meets the eye. Deepen your appreciation of literature through the art of slow, attentive reading

by Robert DiYanni

How to deconstruct the world | Psyche

Thinkers and theories


How to deconstruct the world

Don’t believe everything you hear, read and watch. To puncture received ideas about culture, start thinking like Jacques Derrida

by Peter Salmon

How to laugh more | Psyche

Laughter and comedy


How to laugh more

You don’t have to wait to be amused, there are ways to train yourself to enjoy the ‘cheap medicine’ of laughter every day

by Freda Gonot-Schoupinsky

How to create compelling characters | Psyche

Stories and literature


How to create compelling characters

It’s not only writer’s intuition. Use personality psychology to create just the right blend of surprise and believability

by Kira-Anne Pelican

How to be lucky | Psyche



How to be lucky

Most of us think that luck just happens (or doesn’t) but everyone can learn to look for the unexpected and find serendipity

by Christian Busch

How to heal through life writing | Psyche



How to heal through life writing

Learning to write about trauma helps you to process the painful experience, and gives you the life skills to overcome it

by Uddipana Goswami

How to wait well | Psyche

Focus and attention


How to wait well

Instead of fuming in subjugated irritation, turn wait times into chances to connect, muse and think big about the future

by Jason Farman