Disorders and difficulties

How to deal with bullying from your past | Psyche

Violence and aggression


How to deal with bullying from your past

The effects of being bullied can linger for decades, but it’s never too late to heal and reclaim your place in the world

by Stacee Reicherzer

How to trust your body | Psyche

Mind-body interactions


How to trust your body

Your heart, lungs, abdomen and gut are trying to tell you something. Learning to tune in can significantly boost your health

by Saga Briggs

How to deal with regret | Psyche

Difficult emotions


How to deal with regret

In a world of choices, it’s impossible to avoid regret. Unpleasant as it is, you can make it bearable, even inspirational

by Jelena Kecmanovic

How to support a loved one through psychosis | Psyche

Psychosis and schizophrenia


How to support a loved one through psychosis

Navigating disruptions in shared reality can be distressing. The way forward isn’t intuitive but is powerfully effective

by Akansha Vaswani-Bye

How to cope with shame | Psyche

Shame and guilt


How to cope with shame

Do you feel perpetually bad, broken or unlovable? These tools will help you relate to yourself in a fairer, gentler way

by Michaela B Swee & Susan Murray

How to overcome worrying about your health | Psyche

Health anxiety


How to overcome worrying about your health

Forever looking up symptoms and fearing the worst? There are ways to stop the endless checking and find real peace of mind

by Karen Cassiday

How to choose a mental health app | Psyche

Emerging therapies


How to choose a mental health app

Of the thousands of apps, many are poor quality – but there are a few gems you can trust. Follow these steps to find them

by Margaret Emerson & John Torous

How to empower a teen with ADHD | Psyche

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


How to empower a teen with ADHD

As they go through the most challenging period of their life, there are ways you can help them not just cope but thrive

by Margaret Sibley

How to sleep well again | Psyche

Sleep problems


How to sleep well again

Insomnia is awful, but highly treatable. Look beyond pills and potions, and use these effective methods to get your life back

by Chris James

How to use food to help your mood | Psyche

Mental health


How to use food to help your mood

Depression and low mood are not separate from the rest of your bodily health: the right diet can help reduce your risk

by Kimberley Wilson