Disorders and difficulties

Worry and rumination


How to defuse catastrophic thoughts

Do you often fear the worst is going to happen? Use these therapeutic techniques to think more rationally and calmly

by Lucia Tecuta

Meaning and the good life


How to get your mojo back

You’re not depressed but you’re not happy – you’re languishing. Give yourself a boost with these evidence-backed strategies

by Frank Martela



How to get more comfortable with death

Angst about mortality is part of being human, but if it’s interfering with your life, there are proven ways to dial it down

by Rachel Menzies

Resilience and flexibility


How to relax your own rules

Are you so strict with yourself that it’s become a burden? Gain freedom and flexibility with these therapeutic techniques

by Danielle Doucette

Difficult emotions


How to put your envy to good use

Envious feelings can eat you up, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how to transform envy into a guide and motivator

by Josh Gressel

Difficult emotions


How to handle rejection

Whether personal or professional, the sting of rejection awaits us all. These strategies can help you heal and move on

by Thomas Smithyman

Social anxiety


How to overcome social anxiety

When even everyday social situations make you feel self-conscious and afraid, it’s time to try these well-tested techniques

by Fallon Goodman



How to feel less lonely as you get older

Work and family life are no longer so busy and life can suddenly seem empty. Here are some good ways to stay connected

by Carrie Ditzel

Fear and phobia


How to handle paranoid thoughts

Feel like you’re being watched, judged or talked about? These exercises will help you assess the situation and calm your mind

by Antonella Trotta

Shame and guilt


How to forgive yourself

Finding it hard to move past a hurtful mistake? With these steps toward repair and renewal, you can do and feel better

by Nathaniel Wade & Marilyn Cornish