Disorders and difficulties

A man hugs his son in the light of a sunny day coming through a window in a darkened room

Violence and aggression


How to end a toxic relationship

Worried something is badly off with your relationship? Here’s how to detoxify the dynamics or, if necessary, get out

by Gunnur Karakurt & Rachel Croce

A woman and a boy on a sofa are seen through a window talking seriously

Children’s difficulties


How to help a child who can’t face school

Is your child anxious and reluctant to leave home in the morning? Here’s a compassionate plan to help them get back to school

by Anna Smout, Glenn Melvin & Marie Yap

Commuters rush past a stationary commuter train. In the train window is reflected the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Worry and rumination


How to thrive amid ‘imposter syndrome’

Worries that you’re incompetent and undeserving could be holding you back. Try these steps to move toward the life you want

by Jill Stoddard

Learning and education


How to beat maths anxiety

Getting stressed about maths is so common, yet there’s no need. With the right approach, you can even start enjoying it

by Shayla Love

a watercolour of a lopsided wine glass on a plain background

Habits and routines


How to drink less alcohol

You don’t have an addiction, but you know you’re drinking too much. Learn to regain control and benefit your mind and body

by Michael Levy

Worry and rumination


How to feel less stressed

Everyone handles stress differently. The ‘4Ds’ approach is about helping you find the coping strategies that work for you

by Warren Mansell & Louise Mansell

Communication and language


How to say no

It’s a little word, but if you’re a chronic people pleaser it can be so tricky to say it. These tips and tricks will help

by Shayla Love

Seen through the windscreen a large bear is crossing a country road at night caught in the headlights of a car

Sleep problems


How to calm your nightmares

Whether bad dreams stir you awake occasionally or routinely, these pre- and post-nightmare strategies can help alleviate them

by Katy Jakle

Worry and rumination


How to defuse catastrophic thoughts

Do you often fear the worst is going to happen? Use these therapeutic techniques to think more rationally and calmly

by Lucia Tecuta

Meaning and the good life


How to get your mojo back

You’re not depressed but you’re not happy – you’re languishing. Give yourself a boost with these evidence-backed strategies

by Frank Martela