Relationships, work and leisure

How to go vegetarian or vegan | Psyche

Food and drink


How to go vegetarian or vegan

Quitting animal foods needn’t be a hardship. Relish your new diet and make it stick with this nutritionist’s approach

by Reed Mangels

How to find great films to watch | Psyche



How to find great films to watch

Bored with Hollywood and Netflix? Becoming an adventurous and informed explorer of the cinema world is in everyone’s grasp

by Geoff Andrew

How to be a more ethical traveller | Psyche



How to be a more ethical traveller

You are itching to get out there and want to do it with care. How do you avoid traps like voluntourism and greenwashing?

by Carolin Lusby

How to support a loved one through psychosis | Psyche

Psychosis and schizophrenia


How to support a loved one through psychosis

Navigating disruptions in shared reality can be distressing. The way forward isn’t intuitive but is powerfully effective

by Akansha Vaswani-Bye

How to enjoy running | Psyche

Sports and games


How to enjoy running

Going for a jog doesn’t have to be a chore – these mental techniques will make it something you actually look forward to

by Christian Jarrett

How to become an expert | Psyche

Work and vocation


How to become an expert

The path to mastery is long, winding and hugely fulfilling. Use this map to navigate and overcome any bumps along the way

by Roger L Kneebone

How to have better arguments | Psyche

Cooperation and collaboration


How to have better arguments

Arguing well isn’t just about winning. A philosophical approach will help you and the other person get much more out of it

by Scott Aikin & John Casey

How to nurture a personal library | Psyche

Stories and literature


How to nurture a personal library

An escape, a sanctuary, a place of pleasure, a memoir. Take these steps to ensure your library is just what you want it to be

by Freya Howarth

How to read philosophy | Psyche

History of ideas


How to read philosophy

The first thing to remember is that the great philosophers were only human. Then you can start disagreeing with them

by Charlie Huenemann

How to choose a mental health app | Psyche

Emerging therapies


How to choose a mental health app

Of the thousands of apps, many are poor quality – but there are a few gems you can trust. Follow these steps to find them

by Margaret Emerson & John Torous