Self-knowledge and personal growth

How to craft a harmonious life | Psyche

Work and vocation


How to craft a harmonious life

Forget the ideal of work/life balance – your needs and interests are much richer than that, and your life can be too

by Jessica de Bloom & Merly Kosenkranius

How to know if you want to be a parent | Psyche

Parenting and families


How to know if you want to be a parent

Set aside everyone else’s preconceptions. Then try doing these counterintuitive exercises to understand your own desires

by Ann Davidman

How to get to know all (the parts) of you | Psyche

Emerging therapies


How to get to know all (the parts) of you

An emerging form of psychotherapy offers some surprising ways to think about who you are and work towards self-acceptance

by Derek Scott

How to make the most of university | Psyche

Learning and education


How to make the most of university

Learning psychological flexibility is the key to coping with difficult times and to pursuing what really matters to you

by Nic Hooper

How to spot an eating disorder | Psyche

Eating disorders


How to spot an eating disorder

Worried about someone’s behaviour around food? Eating disorders are serious and secretive: knowing the red flags will help

by Phillip Aouad & Sarah Maguire

How to do philosophy with kids | Psyche

Learning and education


How to do philosophy with kids

Embrace their questions, no matter how daft or daunting – kids are natural philosophers and you can learn from each other

by Scott Hershovitz

How to be a happy nihilist | Psyche

Meaning and the good life


How to be a happy nihilist

Exhausted by the modern pressure to squeeze meaning out of every moment? Here’s a radical way to reset your priorities

by Wendy Syfret

How to think about truth | Psyche

Knowledge and reason


How to think about truth

In a world of disagreement, what should you believe? These ideas will help you take a philosophically informed perspective

by Jeremy Wyatt & Joseph Ulatowski

How to trust your body | Psyche

Mind-body interactions


How to trust your body

Your heart, lungs, abdomen and gut are trying to tell you something. Learning to tune in can significantly boost your health

by Saga Briggs

How to go vegetarian or vegan | Psyche

Food and drink


How to go vegetarian or vegan

Quitting animal foods needn’t be a hardship. Relish your new diet and make it stick with this nutritionist’s approach

by Reed Mangels