Self-knowledge and personal growth

Various fish displayed in groupings at a fish market

Thinking and intelligence


How to think like a Bayesian

In a world of few absolutes, it pays to be able to think clearly about probabilities. These five ideas will get you started

by Michael G Titelbaum

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Violence and aggression


How to end a toxic relationship

Worried something is badly off with your relationship? Here’s how to detoxify the dynamics or, if necessary, get out

by Gunnur Karakurt & Rachel Croce

Emotion regulation


How to embrace uncertainty

Fearing the unknown is only human. But positive thinking can reduce your unease and help you see welcome opportunities ahead

by Arie Kruglanski

A young teenage girl wearing a trilby hat sits on the steps leading up to a yellow front door

Childhood and adolescence


How to support kids to be brave

The desire to protect kids from uncomfortable situations is natural. But they need your help to grow into the unknown

by Sarah Rose Cavanagh

Thinkers and theories


How to live like a Cynic

Take inspiration from Diogenes, the philosopher in a barrel, and transform your negativity into a liberating force for good

by Ansgar Allen

Sleep and dreams


How to embrace being a lark or an owl

Skip the advice about training yourself to rise early or burn the midnight oil. Your natural rhythms are your best guide

by Shayla Love



How to discover new music

In a musical rut? Whatever your age or existing tastes, you can find surprise and enjoyment beyond the streaming algorithms

by James Hadfield

A woman and a boy on a sofa are seen through a window talking seriously

Children’s difficulties


How to help a child who can’t face school

Is your child anxious and reluctant to leave home in the morning? Here’s a compassionate plan to help them get back to school

by Anna Smout, Glenn Melvin & Marie Yap

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Worry and rumination


How to thrive amid ‘imposter syndrome’

Worries that you’re incompetent and undeserving could be holding you back. Try these steps to move toward the life you want

by Jill Stoddard

Learning and education


How to beat maths anxiety

Getting stressed about maths is so common, yet there’s no need. With the right approach, you can even start enjoying it

by Shayla Love