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How to live with chronic illness | Psyche

The body and physical health


How to live with chronic illness

Whatever your own experience of long-haul sickness, a shift in perspective could help you enjoy a full and happier life

by Jennifer Crystal

How to choose a mental health app | Psyche

Emerging therapies


How to choose a mental health app

Of the thousands of apps, many are poor quality – but there are a few gems you can trust. Follow these steps to find them

by Margaret Emerson & John Torous

How to sleep well again | Psyche

Sleep problems


How to sleep well again

Insomnia is awful, but highly treatable. Look beyond pills and potions, and use these effective methods to get your life back

by Chris James

How to live well with persistent pain | Psyche



How to live well with persistent pain

Tools from acceptance and commitment therapy can help you sidestep the struggle against pain – and thrive, in spite of it

by Whitney Scott

How to get the excitement back | Psyche

Sex and sexuality


How to get the excitement back

Long-term sexual boredom is common but not inevitable. Use these five focused strategies to rekindle your sex life together

by Ian Kerner

How to overcome agoraphobia | Psyche

Fear and phobia


How to overcome agoraphobia

Are you trapped by a dread of public, open or enclosed places? Reclaim your freedom by following these manageable steps

by Gila Lyons

How to decide whether to take antidepressants | Psyche



How to decide whether to take antidepressants

They’re controversial yet they help countless people. To see if pills are right for you, these are the questions to ask

by Stephen Lawrie

How to support someone who is self-harming | Psyche

Self-harm and suicide


How to support someone who is self-harming

A person harming themselves is not attention-seeking but attention-needing. Reach in and show them you’re listening

by Rory O’Connor & Ellen Townsend

How to come out of your shell | Psyche



How to come out of your shell

You don’t have to be outgoing. But if being introverted is holding you back from the life you want, dive in for a way out

by Christian Jarrett

How to stop procrastinating | Psyche

Habits and routines


How to stop procrastinating

Do you keep putting things off when you know you shouldn’t? Get going by understanding the psychology of irrational delay

by Wendelien van Eerde