Stigma and taboo

Personality disorders


People with BPD need compassion yet even clinicians stigmatise them

Both clinicians and laypeople misunderstand and stigmatise borderline personality disorder. Those who have it deserve better

by Sara Rose Masland & Hannah E A Peeples

History of ideas


Worried you’re not normal? Don’t be – there’s no such thing

The history of ‘normal’ tells a tale of prejudice and bad maths. The most usual thing about people is how much we differ

by Sarah Chaney

Stigma and taboo


It’s a fraught choice: come out, or conceal yourself?

For those who face the threat of prejudice, the possibility of concealing their identity means weighing up conflicting goals

by Joel Le Forestier



A few simple steps could empower the world’s largest minority

What makes people like me disabled is not our bodies but the societies we live in. Let me inspire a rethink in your attitudes

by Paras Shah

Therapeutic relationships


Homeless, delusional, and brave, Mrs A taught me a powerful lesson

How a homeless woman with frostbitten feet taught me what it means to stand up for another when the stakes are high

by Patricia Steckler

The body and physical health


I chose to go flat after breast cancer surgery. I have no regrets

Breast reconstruction following surgery to remove cancer owes more to the cosmetic industry than to medical science

by Sarah Cretch

Stories and literature


There is nothing so deep as the gleaming surface of the aphorism

The aphorism has been a way to express strong feelings without placing emotional demands on the listener

by Noreen Masud

Psychiatric medication


The media bias against antidepressants is harming patients

Antidepressants work and they can complement psychotherapy, yet the media coverage of the drugs is overwhelmingly negative

by Anushka Pathak & Lizzie Lim