Matt Huston

Commissioning Editor, Psyche

Matt Huston is an editor and writer interested in psychology, mental health, and culture. Before joining Aeon+Psyche, he was on the editorial staff at Psychology Today for nearly a decade. He has written about a variety of topics in the realm of human behaviour, ranging from teletherapy to social perception to reproducibility in psychological science.

Edited by Matt Huston

Mindfulness and meditation


Here’s what to know about using meditation to be a better person

Meditating has long been thought to enhance morality. But the type of meditation – and the aspects of morality – matter

by Jakob Hohwy & Kevin Berryman

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Life stages


Legal definitions aside – what makes you think you’re an adult?

Achieving adult status is a momentous part of life. Our research suggests getting there takes more than years or milestones

by Megan Wright

Sleep and dreams


How to embrace being a lark or an owl

Skip the advice about training yourself to rise early or burn the midnight oil. Your natural rhythms are your best guide

by Shayla Love

Stories and literature


What is it about film and TV antiheroes that’s so captivating?

They’re entertaining, of course – but research highlights a deeper psychological reason viewers are drawn to the bad guys

by Ana Gantman & Jordan Wylie

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As a psychiatrist, I’ve seen how chasing happiness leads to misery

My clinical work has shown me that happiness is a ghost that’s not worth pursuing – there are far wiser goals in life

by Rafa Euba

Stigma and taboo


The families of people who commit sex crimes need care and support

While they deal with a kind of grief, the relatives of those who harm others sexually are subject to blame and judgment

by Azadeh Nematy

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Worry and rumination


How to thrive amid ‘imposter syndrome’

Worries that you’re incompetent and undeserving could be holding you back. Try these steps to move toward the life you want

by Jill Stoddard

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Worry and rumination


If thinking is rational, what makes overthinking irrational?

A philosophical perspective on overthinking offers fresh insights into the mental processes involved in anxiety and OCD

by Pablo Hubacher Haerle

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To improve your life, consider changing your personality

New research supports the idea that intentionally developing certain traits is not only possible, but comes with benefits

by Christian Jarrett

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Freedom and choice


Recognise free will is an illusion and reap the emotional benefits

The idea that all our choices are determined by past events may seem dispiriting – but it can be emotionally liberating

by Francis Merson

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Habits and routines


How to drink less alcohol

You don’t have an addiction, but you know you’re drinking too much. Learn to regain control and benefit your mind and body

by Michael Levy

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Adapting to the neurotypical world is not the same as conforming

As an autistic person, this is how I draw the line between adapting in a way that’s good for me and simple conformity

by Jack Ori