Progress and the future

A coastal scene with a stone wall on the left, sandy beach below, and calm sea extending to the horizon. The sun is partially obscured by clouds, casting rays over the water. A distant ship is visible on the horizon.

Goals and motivation


How to do mental time travel

Feeling overwhelmed by the present moment? Find a connection to the longer view and a wiser perspective on what matters

by Richard Fisher

Abstract orange background with two stick figures amidst geometric shapes and lines.

Progress and the future


Stick figures meet existential angst in this acclaimed, darkly comedic short

Directed by Don Hertzfeldt

View of Earth, half visible, rising over the lunar surface against the blackness of space.

Transcendent experience


From the astronauts to humanity itself, ‘Earthrise’ has left an indelible mark

Directed by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

Two arms in colourful jumpers hold chopsticks that hold a small TV. Trees and rooftop scenery are visible in the background.

Painting and sculpture


Working ‘like chopsticks’, two married artists create independently, in tandem

Directed by Bryan Chang and Vicky Du